8 Day Elephant Safari into Amboseli Tsavo West and Tsavo East

If it’s elephants you want, then Amboseli National Park is the place, home to over 1,500 East African elephants. Where else can you watch numerous herds in the marshy foothills of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro? Elephants are famous for their incredible memories, superior intelligence, poor eyesight, and extraordinary smelling abilities. East African elephants have become legendary for their violent rages and often fatal outbursts, making them one of the deadliest animals on the planet. You may experience encounters of a close kind, yet with knowledgeable guides who are trained in bush safety.

Tsavo West’s rolling hills, thick bush, and volcanic landscape are home to big elephant herds, large lion prides, and exotic birds. Tsavo West became infamous in 1898 when two man-eating lions preyed on and ate 145 Indian migrant workers who built the first railroad from Mombasa to Nairobi.

Tsavo East is home to all of the “Big 5” and contains the only red elephants globally. This is due to regular dust baths in red volcanic soil found in the area. Tsavo East is also well known for its mane-less lions and the fringe-eared oryx. Tsavo’s open plains are scattered with trees, thick brush, and several rivers, the hunting ground of lions…

day 1

Your safari starts with a complimentary early morning pick-up in Nairobi and a thermos of Kenya coffee or tea. Our first stop is Nairobi National Park for a game drive in the world’s only wildlife capital. The most striking thing about this park is the fact that it even exists. It has an impressive number of wildlife, including Cape buffalo, rhinos, lions, and a boardwalk overlooking hippo pools. This park is also the famous site of Kenya’s elephant ivory burning. What’s left behind are large mounds of ivory ash designated by the year they were burned. Drive to Amboseli in the afternoon.

The Moderate package is Teen Ranch Kenya for 2 nights, a beautiful safari accommodation for families and couples. They have Wi-Fi, full board, a restaurant, views of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and are relatively close to Amboseli’s main entrance.

The luxury package is Elewana Tortilis Camp Amboseli for 2 nights, one of the first eco-lodges of its size and 100% solar. Located in a private conservancy bordering the national park, they offer walks, sundowners, and bush meals that take place both inside the national park and in the conservancy, where guests enjoy exclusivity. The camp has full board, Wi-Fi, spa services, a bar, and a restaurant with stunning views of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the elephant herds eating in the wetlands.

day 2

Prowl the wetlands in the morning, and stop at Amboseli Elephant Research Camp in the afternoon.Their project studies the elephant’s social behavior, age structure within population dynamics, poachers, and management practices.

day 3

An early morning game drive in Amboseli, when Mt. Kilimanjaro is usually clear, then drive to Tsavo West in the afternoon.

The Moderate package is Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge for 2 nights. This lovely old lodge was Kenya’s first lodge to open in a national park in 1962. They have Wi-Fi, full board, a bar and restaurant overlooking a busy water hole, and an outdoor pool. Many elephant herds visit the lit-up water hole during dinner for a truly delightfully dining experience, along with exceptional food

The luxury package is Finch Hatton’s Luxury Tented Suites for 2 nights. If you saw Out of Africa, you’ll know who Denys Finch Hatton was (Robert Redford). This is a magical place located in a 35-acre concession of boundless African bush, complete with natural freshwater springs, rainforests, volcanoes, lava flows, and built around a wild hippo pond with resident elephants and crocodiles. They have stunning views, Wi-Fi, full board, a bar and restaurant, a pool, steam room, spa, deep soaking tubs, and a cigar lounge.

day 4

A Full day in Tsavo West includes Mzima Springs’s eco-system and hippo pools.

day 5

A full day exploring Tsavo West or perhaps hang out all day at your properties’ water hole to view the non-stop wildlife coming from all directions to slake their thirst while you’re quenching yours.

day 6

A morning game drive in Tsavo West, then off to Tsavo East.

The Moderate package is Afrika Lodges Voi for 2 nights, with Wi-Fi, full board, a deluxe suite, laundry, and a private bath.

The luxury package is Ashnil Aruba Lodge for 2 nights. Its location is superb as it overlooks several water holes, and it’s one of the best places to see wildlife in all of Tsavo East. The deluxe tented suite has a deck that overlooks the park, and you can often see elephants coming to drink. The lodge offers Wi-Fi, full board, a bar and restaurant, and a swimming pool

day 7

A full day in Tsavo East, includes the exploration of the incomparable Lugard Falls.

day 8

An early morning game drive and return to Nairobi. $140 extra for a Mombasa drop-off. To get back to Nairobi from Mombasa, catch one of two daily trains for $30 first-class one-way, per person, or fly back on Kenya Airways.

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Starting at $2,790 each –– $5,580 for 2 adults


Starting at $3,230 each –– $6,460 for 2 adults

*The lodges mentioned are not guaranteed as they may be sold out on the dates you require.
When this happens, we go with a comparable property in quality and price.